Distinctive value

  • The use of Big Data technology to implement solutions for business efficiency.
  • Extract and share knowledge from public and clients-owned data.
  • Apply science for winning competitiveness.
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Intelligence solutions for your business

PanData can be defined as a tech company focused on applying scientific knowledge to solve concrete problems. In other words, its mission is to enhance the business operation of the clients by developing and implementing premium IT products and services.

About us

Pandata Tech is specialized in Differential Technologies based on Big Data, Natural Language Processing (NPL) and Machine Learning, for the development of high added value solutions for companies and institutions, aimed at improving their productivity and business development.

We develop competitive intelligence solutions that allows our clients to monitor, capture, store and analyze multiple sources to offer high value information that improves the competitiveness of any company through the application of Big Data technologies, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Smart data management

PanData applies technology related to Big Data to obtain and structure the information our clients need and provide them with a tool and resources that help them in the strategic decision-making process.

PanData information aggregator allows client companies to gain competitiveness thanks to the acquisition of a configurable system with a flexible dashboard that provides with updated knowledge of their environment letting to anticipate to their competitors in the market.

Our technology and developments enable to store different resources (text, video, sound) that enter into the system completely autonomously. This allows to have the information updated in almost real time. Thanks to an algorithm capable of managing different unstructured databases, we can create different relationships between them. In addition, it also allows to show the information in graphic form.


Data strategy

Begin your transition to AI with an elaborate strategic data plan tailored to your own objectives.

Technological consulting

Discover the true potential of your data with our experience, developed technology and our team of engineers experts in machine learning.

Software development with AI

Transform your business with custom AI-based software and platforms or develop innovative products with us.


PanData NLP engine allows to store the resources inserted in databases and extract them in a similar way to how the human brain does.

Thanks to an own-elaborated semantic expansion, PanData stores information in such a way that it is able to recognize entities, disambiguate the meaning of words, contextualize and establish a map of relationships between the words contained in a document.

These processes allow users to request information from the system and obtaining the best information for their needs.

To achieve the best results, PanData Tech has developed its own Machine Learning technology. This enhance technology allows an automatic learning offering the users recommendations based on their own interest and needs.


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